UPDATE 8-19-05
Please note...apparently American Bulldogs are in the proposed ban as well as Pit Bulls and the other breeds. Spread the word. Also...this is only the Committee's recommedation. That doesn't mean the whole Council will vote on this or not change it up in some way. Now is the time to call in and voice your disapproval for the ban. Cheryl Conway, PR Manager for Animal Care is compiling the results. Her number is (303) 326-8292. Please be polite and win friends! Be the best representation of our breed that you can be! Do not vent on this phone line, just express your opinion (sans cussing!), and then write a follow-up letter if you can. This battle is not anywhere near over!!!! We especially need AURORA residents to call.


Aurora, Colorado
The Committee has recommended proposing the ban on pit bulls
It now goes to a public hearing at:
15151 East Alameda Parkway
(just east of I-225)
August 9th at 2:30 p.m.

Mayor Ed Tauer
Ingrid Lindemann - Mayor Pro Tem
Nadine Caldwell*
Kathy Green
Molly Markert*
Sue Sandstrom
Robert (Bob) E. Broom
Bob FitzGerald*
Ryan Frazier
Steve Hogan
Brad Pierce
*these Council Members are PRO BAN
303-739-7015 telephone number for the council
303-739-7594 fax


rshogan@auroragov.org, etauer@auroragov.org, ncaldwel@auroragov.org, bpierce@auroragov.org, kgreen@auroragov.org, ilindema@auroragov.org, mmarkert@auroragov.org, ssandstr@auroragov.org, frazier@auroragov.org, rbroom@auroragov.org, bfitzger@auroragov.org,