Windsor, Ontario, Canada dated: May 5, 1998See below dated June 19,1998

Windsor, Ontario (on the Michigan/Ontario border) is proposing to ban several breeds including;
Chow Chows
Doberman Pinschers,
Great Danes,
Huskies and Husky mixes
Pit Bulls and pit bull mixes
Shepherds and shepherd mixes,
St. Bernards,
Wolf Hybrids,
and apparently their are others

Please email Erica for additional information and offers of support.

(dated June 19,1998) There will be a meeting on July 14 at 7pm at the City Hall, for additional information or if you would like to speak at the meeting, call the;
City Clerks Office
Phone # 519 - 255 - 6211

If you would like to attend or give your opinion you can send a personal letter to the council member who is behind the ban, his name is
2173 Victoria
Windsor, Ontario N8X 1P8,
phone # 519 - 977 -5067.
Apparently he is going after the America Pit Bull Terriers and if that is passed who knows what breed he will go after next. Sources say that Fulvio has indicated that he wishes to hear from others, so please write to him and then if at all possible ATTEND THE MEETING!

Don't know what to write or say?....check out the sample letters at: SAMPLE LETTERS