In a conversation with an insider, this has not been discussed since the May meeting and is not on the Agenda for the meeting on 20th. This issue was brought before the Council by concerned citizens and is evidently a big "buzz" around City Hall. It was mentioned that there are many other communities that have banned breeds, but my contact also mentioned that there is two sides to every story. Contact for Mayor is listed below...please write informative letters with alternatives to BSL so our side continues to be heard and is fresh in the Councils minds.
There are no Council emails, so I have listed the City Clerks contact info and ask that letters be forwarded to each Councilmember. Donna Terrones
City Clerk
100 Civic Center Plaza
P.O. Box 8001
Lompoc, CA 93438-8001
(805) 875-8241
FAX: (805) 875-8341
email: d_terrones@ci.lompoc.ca.us

When I spoke to the mayors office and the Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of
each month However, the meeting of June 6, 2006 has been cancelled, so the earliest
this item could possibly be placed on a Council agenda would be June 20, but, again,
I do not know if it will be heard on that date. And agenda is not posted til 24 hours prior to meeting.


Phone 805-736-1261.
Had a meeting on Tuesday night which the Council sent the proposal back for redrafting.
It may or may not addressed at the next Council meeting
on the 16th-depending on whether the redraft is finished.
A proposed ordinance, drafted at the request of Councilman Mike Siminski,
is intended to prevent tragedies such as a fatal dog mauling
in June 2005 of a San Francisco child,
according to a staff report.
A draft of the possible changes focuses primarily on pit bulls.
The City Council is scheduled to examine the proposed ordinance at 7 p.m.
Tuesday at City Hall, 100 Civic Center Plaza.
Mayor Dick DeWees
Councilmember Janice Keller
Councilmember DeWayne Holmdahl
Councilmember Will Schuyler
Councilmember Michael Siminski