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Note from Gary Gleason: "I was rung before sunrise this morning by the producer of a top rating (and responsible) breakfast radio station asking me to go on air and comment on an article in the morning news paper: The first part of the article, published under the above heading, follows:

The West Australian Monday August 4 1997

By Amanda Bower and John Duffy

"Calls for tighter controls on five breeds of dogs have followed findings that they are responsibile for nearly three-quarters of serious attacks.

German shepherds, bull terriers, rottweilers, dobermans and blue or red heelers [Australian Cattle Dogs] make up only a third of the dog population but are responsible for 73 per cent of attacks that result in hospital treatment, according to research to be published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

Researcher Peter Thompson, an injury epidemiologist at the University of Adelaide'd department of public health, estimated that 100,000 Australians would need treatment for dog attacks this year, 13,000 needing hospital stays.

Hospital admission rates from dog attacks were seven times higher for children under 12 and five times higher for people over 60.

Mr thompson said an easy way of cutting down injuries and the cost of treatment was to limit the availability of the five breeds".

end of excerpt from article.

We need help. This paper is the only one in a State Capital City and hardly ever prints our side of the story. Please email them a letter putting our side of story. You know the stuff, irresponsible owners, not dangerous dogs, restrict breeding to registered breeders, incentives for training needed etc etc etc.

The address is : Letters@wanews.com.au.

Keep them short. All letters must be signed with the writers full name and address or they won't print them.

Gary Gleeson
Government and Media Liaison Officer
West Coast Rottweiler Club of WA (Inc)