Russelville, Arkansas
5-22-06 UPDATE
BSL PASSES!!! Here are some of the requirements Russellville bully owners will now have to deal with!
The amended ordinance would ban entirely any additional pit bulls in the city
limits. It will allow current pit bull owners who already live in Russellville to
register their animals with Animal Control within 30 days of its passage.
The amendment to the ordinance states future pit bull breeds of dogs are banned entirely
and may not be owned or kept within the city. Banned breeds of pit bull dogs include:
- American pit bull terrier;
- Staffordshire bull terrier, unless they meet requirements of subsection 3-1-5(b);
- American Staffordshire terrier, unless they meet requirements of subsection 3-1-5(b);
- American bull dog;
- Any dog whose sire or dam is a dog of a breed which is defined as a banned breed of dog
under this section;
- Any dog whose owner registers, defines, admits or otherwise identifies the dog as being
a banned breed;
- Any dog conforming or substantially conforming to the breed of American pit bull
terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier or American bull dog,
as defined by the United Kennel Club (UKC) or American Kennel Club (AKC);
- Any dog which is of the breed commonly referred to as "pit bull" and commonly
recognizable and identifiable as such.
The ordinance will exempt registered AKC show dogs, and copies of UKC and AKC standards
will be kept on file for public review.
Residents who own pit bull dogs must be 21 years of age and have to provide a license,
proof of rabies vaccination, and have the animal spayed or neutered and provide proof
from a veterinarian after sterilization has been performed. Owners would be exempt
if they can prove sterilization would put the dog's life at risk or if they
are registered show dogs.
Animal Control personnel will assign registration numbers to the dogs and direct owners
to a veterinarian to tattoo the registration on the dog, or they can do it themselves
within Animal Control specifications (number will be one-half inch and
located on abdomen near upper inside of right rear leg).
Owners and/or handlers are not permitted to allow their registered pit bulls to go
outside its kennel or enclosure unless they are securely leashed with a lease no longer
than six feet in length. No one shall permit a pit bull to be kept on a
chain, rope or other type of leash outside its kennel or pen unless a person is in
physical control of the leash. Dogs cannot be leashed to trees, posts or buildings
without the permission of Animal Control.
Pit bull dogs should be confined indoors or a securely enclosed and locked pen or fenced
area with a key or combination lock. The dogs would not be allowed to be
kept on a porch, patio or in any part of a house or structure where they could exit on
their own, such as windows or screen doors.
Owners would also be required to display a sign easily readable using the words "Beware
of Dog" in a prominent place, as well as on the kennel or pen. Owners must,
within 10 days, report to Animal Control a pit bull dog's removal from the city limits or its death,
as well as the new address of a registered pit bull owner should the owner
move within the city limits.
Pit bulls are not considered owned or kept in Russellville if owners outside the city
bring them to a veterinarian located in the city limits. Also exempt are dogs used for
law enforcement or other governmental purposes.
Owners who would be found in violation of the ordinance would have their animal seized,
held for three business days and pay a $100 reclamation fee. The owner must sign an
affidavit agreeing to immediately remove the dog from the city limits. It will also be
marked with a number and spayed or neutered prior to its release to the owner.
If the dog is found within the city limits a second time, the owner will be convicted and
the dog be seized and humanely destroyed.
This item was NOT discussed at last Council meeting and will be up next month.
Will update site when information becomes available on this
. 5-3
May 18th this will be addressed by Council at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers, 209 West 2nd Street.

The ordinance -- which bans and requires registration of certain breeds of dogs and
animals -- had its first reading approved by aldermen. Ronnie Tripp suggested it be
read the first time so public input could be gathered. It requires two more readings
before it can be voted on.
The amendment would ban entirely any additional pit bulls in the city limits.
However, it would allow pit bull owners who already live in Russellville to register
their animals with Animal Control within 30 days of its passage, Vernon explained.
"Pit bulls have to be spayed or neutered to be registered," Vernon said, answering,,,,,,,,,