There is a Study Session tentatively set for the 24th of October..BUT...please if you are in the area keep in contact with City Hall regarding this and watch thier agenda page on Mondays at : http://www.fsark.com/government/directors/process.php?id=36

Please send me an email leisa@rott-n-chatter.com if you hear of this coming up and I will get the word out.

Contact info is below-if you have not done so yet, please write letters of opposition to BSL and include alternatives the city can utilize. If you have written prior to this, now would be a good time for a follow up letter with a reminder that you are available to answer any questions they may have and again offer your assistance. Thanks,

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Looking at ban on pit bulls and variations there of. This has not been formally brought to the City Council and is not on the agenda.

Mayor C. Ray Baker, Jr. mayor@fsark.com
Position 1 Kenneth Pyle kpyle68@cox.net
Position 2 Velvet Medlock velvet1@sbcglobal.net
Position 3 Alaric Parrish rickparrish@cox-internet.com
Position 4 Bill Maddox bilox@cox.net
Position 5 Gary W. Campbell gcampbell@citydirector.org
Position 6 Ben H. Shipley bshipley@cgwg.com
Position 7 Dr. Cole Goodman coleg1@sbcglobal.net

mayor@fsark.com; kpyle68@cox.net; velvet1@sbcglobal.net; rickparrish@cox-internet.com; gcampbell@citydirector.org; bshipley@cgwg.com; coleg1@sbcglobal.net; bilox@cox.net