I have compiled a list of cities CURRENTLY (as of this morning, folks) looking at banning
or restricting our breeds of choice. If this list does NOT scare you...look into
your dogs eyes and say goodbye, because if we do NOT get busy and EVERYONE pull together?
We are going to lose.
There is ONE organization at this time fighting to retain all our rights here in the US
and that is the American Canine Foundation. Irregardless of anyones personal feelings,
all the backbiting and bullcrap that goes on in the dog world...NOW is the time
to step up to the plate and help those who are helping us. Because I am serious, folks...
I have been doing this for only three years, and I have NEVER seen things this bad!
If you do NOTHING else to help us retain our rights...PLEASE do this.
Donate what you can to help us all be able to look into our dogs eyes and say
"we are doing all we can to save you".
Thank you.

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Suite G101
Belfair Wa 98528
or paypal at

Parker Colorado
Lakewood, Colorado
Fruitland, Idaho passes ban
Northlake Illinois
Rockford Illinois
Lincolnwood, Illinois
Indianapolis, Indiana
Humboldt Iowa
Mason City, Iowa
Waterloo, Iowa
Overland Park, Kansas
Paintsville, Kentucky
Thurmont Maryland
Brockton, Maryland
Fall River Massachusetts
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Kansas City Missouri
Independence Missouri
Ridgeway, Missouri
Lees Summit Missouri
Trenton, Missouri
Kosciusko, Mississippi
Jackson, Mississippi
Hinds County, Mississippi
Sante Fe County, New Mexico
Albuqueque, New Mexico-MSN
Hazelton, Pennsylvania
Rock Hill, South Carolina
San Antonio, Texas
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Keewanee & Waukegan, Illinois looking at adopting the new state laws instead of BSL (HOPEFULLY)
ACF two months ago served a claim for damages against the city of Auburn > Washington for passing breed specific legislation and declaring 12 breeds > of dogs and anything resembling them as potentially dangerous. ACF is > suing the city for constitutional rights violations and preparing to serve > them next week with the lawsuit. > > We are sending an email out 5-11-06 discussing LA County. ACF attorney's > filed a federal lawsuit to stop SB861. Dog Fanciers from LA County have > been asking ACF to sue LA County and we will discuss it this week ! > > SB861 ? First thing that comes to mind is PETA and other animal rights > organizations > > SB861 is causing the entire state of California to pass mandatory spay and > neuter laws and place breeding of the canine into the hand of animal > control. We have been told LA County is lobbying all the counties in > California to pass breeding laws. > > A large majority of rescues are supporting SB861, my response ? Hell will > freeze over before I ever let animal control or animal rights dictate to > me what or how I breed my dogs. > > I watched SB861 go down, I sat back and observed manipulated data being > circulated to the Assembly by Senator Speiers office and Carl Friedman > from SF Animal Care. > > As one of the co-founders of the American Canine Foundation having fought > BSL and other animal rights legislation all over the United States and > spearheading and directing the Tellings Constitutional challegne in Ohio I > am going to put forth all of ACF's resources to file a lawsuit against LA > County, however we will need support from Dog Fanciers in LA County not > only for a lawsuit in LA but also for our current federal lawsuit against > SB861. > > Our current federal lawsuit will stop LA County's breeding laws because we > have named LA County and San Francsico among other areas for implicating > laws based off SB861 in our lawsuit. LA County's law is based off SB861 > regardless of what the county is claiming. > > Requiring breeding permits with all the conditions LA County has > implemented is unconstitutional, requiring mandatory spay and neuter of > all dogs is genocide (extermination) because there is no overpopulation of > dogs in our country. Passing laws based off of animal rights manipulated > data will not withstand a constitutional challenge. ACF will prove SB861 > to be unconstitutional serving no legitimate government purpose. > > At this time ACF is fighting BSL in the courts with a 100% pecent success > in stopping legislation that infringes on your rights to own your dogs !!! > > 1. ACF's attorney is preparing to file a federal lawsuit to stop BSL in > Colorado. > > 2. ACF is filing a lawsuit in Washington to stop BSL. > > 3. ACF attorneys have filed a federal lawsuit in Alabama to stop BSL. > > 4. ACF's attorneys have filed a federal lawsuit against the state of > Califronia to stop SB861 > > 5. In 2002 ACF's attorneys filed a lawsuit against Pontiac Michigan for > 500 thousand dollars to stop a breed ban, the city settled by agreement to > repeal their breed ban, ACF dismissed the case. > > 6. In 2002 ACF prevailed in the Alabama Supreme Court proving American Pit > Bull Terriers are not genetically dangerous. > > 7. In 2006 ACF prevailed in the Ohio Appeals Courts proving BSL is > unconstitutional (Tellings) on three counts in the only published opinion > to ever come about in our country !!!!! > > 8. ACF has assisted with our data bases in three other lower court > constitutional challenges that all prevailed in the last 4 years were no > appeals took place. (unpublished cases) > > 9. ACF has drafted 9 state level amendments to dangerous dog laws, 27 > local ordinances including one for the US Government (Ft Lewis). ACF has a > national education program for dog bite prevention being used in 17 > states, ACF has litigated 17 cases involving cases of dangerous dogs, > insurance discrimination, and constitutional issues all with success. > > 10. In 2004 ACF assisted Colorado Rep. Debbie Stafford in passing state > law to prohibit BSL > > 11. In 2004 in a court challenge ACF defeated Denvers breed ban proving > Denver animal control could not indentify a pit bull terrier beyond a > reasonable doubt. (Margolius v Denver) > > 12. In 2004 a Denver District Court refused to allow ACF or its directors > to intervene in the lawsuit they filed against the state over Debbie > Stafford's law prohibiting BSL, the court abused the judicial process and > held a frivolous trial determining Denver had a right to Home Rule and > they then started enforcing their breed ban again. ACF's Director in > Colorado is fighting an appeal in the Colorado Court of Appeals that will > if needed be taken to the US Supreme Court. > > 13. In 2003 ACF won a case in Illinois over landlord insurance > discrimination of specific breeds of dogs. > > 14. ACF has available the leading experts in canine genetics, canine > behavior, fatal dog attacks, canine legislation and constitutional law to > testify in court litigation. > > 15. ACF in 2001 stopped a guardianship law from passing in Santa Cruz > California. > > 16. ACF has assisted local dog owners in 47 cities and 13 states nation > wide stopping BSL in the last 4 years providing our data bases ! > > ACF needs your support to protect your rights !!!!!!!!!! > > Send donations to: > > ACF > 23969 NE State Rte 3 > Suite G101 > Belfair Wa 98528 > or paypal at ( > > > > Sincerely, > > Glen Bui > BS Biology/Genetics > Lobbyist > Canine Behavior Consultant > American Canine Foundation > 360 277 3647