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~ How you can help ~
We rely very heavily on updates from individuals in or around areas where BSL is proposed. It would be a tremendous help if you could call any of the city clerks for which we have not received updates. We need status updates from the city council meetings as well as copies of proposed ordinances via e-mail if we can get them. A few minutes of your time can help us keep everyone across the entire country up to date!
Many thanks to everyone who contributes information to put these updates together!
~ New Contact Info ~
Updates can now be sent to Leisa at Leisa@rott-n- or Jodi at jodi@rott-n-
~ Victories ~
Lees Summit, Missouri Tullahoma, Tennessee Nampa, Idaho Milford, Michigan
All these cities decided against BSL in favor of generic dangerous dog laws with greater OWNER accountability
~ New Proposed BSL ~
Chillicoth, Missouri Next city council meeting December 21, 2006 Proposal link HERE
D. John Edwards, City Administrator 1-888-756-0990 Scott Washburn City Attorney, To email Mayor and city council members, please send info to the City Clerk Roze Frampton and ask that your information be passed along to the Mayor and Councilmembers. City of Chillicothe 715 Washington Chillicothe, MO 64601 660 646 1877 FAX: 660 646 6811 Mayor Todd Rodenberg 660-646-2267 Cell: 660-707-2807 FAX: 660-646-6811 CHILLICOTHE CITY COUNCIL (Council meetings are held on the 2nd and last Monday of each month) Councilman-At-Large Chuck Haney 646-1868 (home) 707-1820 (work) 1st Ward Earle S. Teegarden, Jr. 646-1858 (home) 2nd Ward Lonnie Sewell 646-2545 (home) 646-2260 (work) 3rd Ward Tom Douglas 646-0704 (home) 646-0854 (work) 4th Ward Pam Jarding 646-6304 (home) 646-6939 (work)
Peculiar, Missouri THERE WILL BE A PUBLIC INFORMATIONAL SESSION DURING THE NEXT REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING ON DECEMBER 19TH, CONCERNING ADDITIONAL REGULATIONS TO THE CITY CODE RELATING TO DANGEROUS DOGS WITHIN THE CITY OF PECULIAR. Here is a summary overview of the ordinance -- The proposed ordinance makes the following "breeds" dangerous: Pit bulls Pit bull mixes Rottweilers Chows Akitas Fila Brasileiros *Carry $25,000 in liability insurance on the dog *Display a "Dangerous Dog" sign on the premises *Spay/neuter the dog *Only keep one dog from the above list *Keep the dog inside a locked enclosure when outside *Muzzle the dog for walks *Permit Animal Control to inspect the home and property annually *Pay an additional $50 a year. Mayor Ted Turner E-Mail: or Homer Dunsworth, South Ward Alderman E-Mail: Steve Smith, South Ward Alderman Holly Stark, North Ward Alderman, Planning Commission Liaison Pat Roberts, West Ward Alderman E-Mail: or Jim Antonides, North Ward Alderman, Park Board Liaison or Mark Wansing, West Ward Alderman, Mayor Pro-Tem, Police Commissioner City Clerk City of Peculiar 600 Schug Avenue Peculiar, MO, 64078 (816)779-5212 or QUICK EMAIL LIST:,,,,,,, Senath, Missouri January 8th is next Council meeting (573) 738-2346 The fax number for the City is 573-738-3201 Senath Mayor (573) 738-2833 301 W Commercial St Senath, MO The board of aldermen met Monday night to hear from its attorney, Johnny Dalton and his definition of a dangerous dog, in the city's effort to unleash a vicious dog ordinance. Over the past couple of months the board has had numerous complaints from residents regarding pit bulls and other dangerous dogs within the city. Dalton prepared an ordinance for the council's review which includes the definition of a dangerous dog....... * Any dog which, according to the records of the appropriate authority, has inflicted severe injury on a human being without provocation on public or private property. * Any dog which, according to the records of the appropriate authority, has killed a domestic animal without provocation while off the owner's property. * Any dog owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purposes of dog fighting or any dog trained for fighting. * Any dog, not owned by a governmental or law enforcement unit, used primarily to guard public or private property. * Any dog with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack unprovoked, to cause injury, or to otherwise threaten the safety of human beings or domestic animals. * Any dog which, when unprovoked, chases or approaches a person upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public or private property in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack. * Or, any pit bull dog, being defined to mean: - The bull terrier breed of dog, the Staffordshire bull terrier breed of dog, the American pit bull terrier breed of dog, the American Staffordshire terrier breed of dog, or any dogs of mixed breed or other breeds than above listed which breed or mixed breed is known as pit bulls, pit bull dogs or pit bull terrier, or any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds of bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, or the American pit bull." The council decided to take a copy of the prepared ordinance home to look over and voted to act on the decision to pass said ordinance at next month's meeting.
~ Pending BSL ~
Arkansas, Crossett Next city council meeting December 18, 2006 The city council discussed a proposed ordinance to ban pit bulls at last meeting on Monday December 11 2006 Mayor's Office 201 Main Street Crossett, AR 364-4825 Mayor's Secretary 364-8645 City Hall Post Office Box 338 Crossett, Arkansas 71635
Colorado, Englewood A proposed ordinance is tentatively scheduled to be considered on first reading at the Council Meeting on Monday, January 8, 2007. A public hearing on the issue is tentatively scheduled during the Council Meeting on Monday, February 5. Both meetings will begin at 7:30 pm and will take place in the 2nd Floor Council Chambers at the Englewood Civic Center (1000 Englewood Parkway). Mayor Olga Wolosyn, At Large Mayor Pro Tem Jim Woodward, At Large City Council Laurett Barrentine, District 3 Bob McCaslin, At Large John Moore, District 2 Wayne Oakley, District 4 Ray Tomasso, District 1 Send an e-mail to City Council (Webmaster will forward to all Council Members) City Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes Council Action from the most recentCity Council Meeting Kansas, Lyons Will resume "dog meetings" after the Holiday Season. City Administrator(620) 257-3741 / 217 E. Avenue S City Clerk(620) 257-2320 / 217 E. Avenue S Contact City Hall: Mayor Clarence Moses City Council Pat Briggs Charlotte Larsen James Cowan Chris Hass Marion Latiolais Joseph Cedeno Bob McClure Kansas, Scott City Next council meeting is December 18, 2006 Scott City Hall 221 W. 5th Scott City, Kansas 67871 Call: 620-872-5322 Fax: 620-872-3391 Email: Mayor Junior Strecker Brenda K. Davis – City Clerk Barb Wilkinson – Asst. Clerk City Attorney - 620-872-2161 John Shirley City and County Attorney Council Members Ward 1 Everett Green 620-812-2813 Jerry Buxton 620-872-3942 Ward 2 Terry Faurot 620-872-3109 Dan Goodman 620-872-3571 Ward 3 Dennis Stucky 620-872-5386 Jerry Snyder 620-872-5153 Ward 4 Steve Schmitt 620-872-3196 Fred Kuntzsch II 620-872-3458 Kentucky, Louisville Next city council meeting is December 19, 2006 PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read some of the key details of the ordinance: It is incredibly important to have a huge turn out at this meeting at 6:00 p.m. 3rd Floor Chambers at City Hall 601 W. Jefferson St. Louisville, KY. The passage of this law will have a terrible impact on ALL Louisville pet owners Louisville Metro Council Contact Information: 1. Leonard Watkins 502-574-1101 2. Barbara Shanklin 502-574-1102 3. Mary Woolridge 4. David Tandy 502-574-1104 5. Cheri Hamilton 502-574-1105 6. George Unseld 502-574-1106 7. Ken Fleming 8. Tom Owen 502-574-1108 9. Tina Ward-Pugh 502-574-1109 10. Jim King 502-574-1110 11. Kevin Kramer 502-574-1111 12. Rick Blackwell 502-574-1112 13. Vicki Welch 502-574-1113 14. Bob Henderson 502-574-1114 15. George Melton 502-574-1115 16. Kelly Downard 502-574-1116 17. Glen Stuckel 502-574-1117 18. Julie Raque Adams 502-574-1118 19. Hal Heiner 502-574-1119 20. Stuart Benson 502-574-1120 21. Dan Johnson 502-574-1121 22. Robin Engel 502-574-1122 23. James Peden 502-574-1123 24. Madonna Flood 502-574-1124 25. Doug Hawkins 502-574-1125 26. Ellen Call QUICK EMAIL LIST,,, david.tandy@louisvilleky. gov,,,,,,, kevin.kramer@louisvilleky. gov, rick.blackwell@louisvilleky. gov, vicki.welch@louisvilleky. gov,,,,,,,,,,,,, Massachusetts, Salem Next city council meeting is January 11, 2007 City Hall 120 Washington Street (978) 745-9595 MAYOR KIMBERLEY DRISCOLL JASON SILVA, Chief Aide City Council Leonard F. O'Leary, Michael Sosnowski Paul Prevey Lucy Corchado Arthur C. Sargent III Joan B. Lovely Matthew A. Veno Arthur C. Sargent III Thomas H. Furey Mark E. Blair Missouri, Warrensburg Next council meeting February 2007 MayorDeborah Arwood Chairman Pro TemDon Nipper City Council Charlie Rutt Donna DeFrain City Manager - Jeff Hancock City Offices 102 S Holden Warrensburg MO 64093 Voice: 660-747-9131 (VITTY) FAX: 660-747-8927 New Jersey, Bridgeton Next city council meeting December 19, 2006 **State law prohibits the passage of breed specific laws in New Jersey. City council president, Nick Salvatore, wants a ban. Councilmen Spence and Thompson and heading the Committee on this, and they have not brought it up for formal reading yet. Mayor James BegleyBridgetonmayor@njtown.net200 Council President Nicholas Salvatore Council Member William Council Member Albert Kelly Council Member Celeste Riley Council Member Dennis City Clerk Darlene Richmond (856) 455-3230 ext. 226 Arch Liston Business Administrator QUICK EMAIL LIST:,,,,,, City council public meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) North Carolina, Eden Next city council meeting December 19, 2006 We have been unsuccessful at getting ANY information from officials in Eden. Original reports were that officials planned on using Denver's ordinance to model their own. City clerk states pit bull ordiance will come up, that's about as an "official" update that we've been able to get. PLEASE CONTINUE TO WRITE!! The Mayor & City Council are assisted by the City Clerk Mayor - John E. Grogan Home (336) 623-8682 Mr. Wayne Tuggle Sr., Mayor Pro Tem (336) 627-8022 Mrs. Donna Turner (336) 627-7552 Mr. Bruce Nooe (336) 627-4415 Mrs. Christine H. Myott (336) 623-8336 Mr. Jerry Epps (336) 627-0618 Mr. Darryl Carter (336) 623-5809 Mr. C.H. Gover (336) 635-1715 Mr. Thomas E. Medlin, Jr.-City Attorney(336) 627-4300 308 East Stadium Drive Eden, North Carolina 27288 Phone (336) 623-2110 | Fax (336) 623-4041 Ohio, Cleveland Next city council meeting December 18, 2006 Mayor Frank G. Jackson Cleveland City Hall 601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 202 Cleveland, Ohio 44114 216-664-3990 Email or call the Mayor’s Action Center at 216-664-2900 with general questions, comments or service requests. http://www.clevelan Default.aspx Council President: Martin J. Sweeney Majority Leader: Sabra Pierce Scott Majority Whip: Kevin Kelley City Clerk: Emily Lipovan Cleveland City Council 1 Nina Turner 216-664-4944 216-662-4300 2 Robert J. White, III 216-664-4237 216-295-0847 3 Zachary Reed 216-664-4945 216-921-9399 216-921-5117 4 Kenneth L. Johnson 216-664-4941 216-421-8639 5 Phyllis Cleveland 216-664-2309 216-431-3349 6 Patricia J. Britt 216-664-4234 216-791-8683 216-791-6285 7 Fannie M. Lewis 216-664-2908 216-431-7634 216-431-7634 8 Sabra Pierce Scott 216-664-4231 216-231-9494 9 Kevin Conwell 216-664-4252 216-791-6642 216-421-1149 10 Roosevelt Coats 216-664-4743 216-851-8880 216-486-2323 11 Michael D. Polensek 216-664-4236 216-531-7647 216-531-7648 12 Anthony Brancatelli 216-664-4233 216-641-8265 13 Joe Cimperman 216-664-2691 216-687-6772 14 Joe Santiago 216-664-3706 15 Brian Cummins 216-664-4238 216-459-8400 216-661-6821 16 Kevin J. Kelley 216-664-2943 216-351-7077 17 Matthew Zone 216-664-4235 216-939-1717 216-961-1235 18 Jay Westbrook 216- 664-4230 216-281-1811 19 Dona Brady 216-664-3708 216-961-4999 20 Martin J. Sweeney 216-664-2942 216-252-0986 21 Michael A. Dolan 216-664-4239 216-941-1816 COPY AND PASTE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Oklahoma statewide Representative Paul Wesselhoft has vowed to propose BSL in the next legislative session. We've already had reports from citizens in Oklahoma that this, in fact, is true. After his proposed statewide ban on pit bulls failed last legislative session, his new proposal will be "in a form to allow cities to make their own decision to ban any dog if they think it's in the public interest." Oklahoma House Members: Oklahoma Senate Members: Washington, Richland Next City Council meeting December 19, 2006 **THIS IS THE SECOND READING!!** Mayor Rob Welch Mayor Pro Tem Bob Thompson Council Members: Edward Revell Dave Rose John Fox Rita Mazur Sheila Sullivan Mailing Address: PO Box 190 505 Swift Boulevard Richland, WA 99352 E-mail: City Council The Richland City Council meets for regular meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., and a workshop meeting on the 4th Tuesday, in the Council Chamber at City Hall, located at 505 Swift Boulevard City Council Meeting Schedule City Council Agendas City Council Minutes Tacoma, Washington Next city council meeting is December 19, 2006 Mandatory spay and neuter proposal will be discussed. City Clerk 747 Market Street, Suite 1200 Tacoma, WA 98402-3766 (253) 591-5100 Mayor & City Council,,,,,,,,
BSL Watch
Alabama, Montgomery This is not BSL! Next meeting December 19, 2006 Arkansas, Lake Village Appears to be non issue Next meeting December 19, 2006 Florida, Broward County Illinois, Decatur City Doesn't appear to be going BSL Illinois, Waukegan Kansas, Manhattan Work session January 30, 2007 - leaning towards NON-BSL ordinance! Kansas, Wichita Clerks states nothing has been changed in 2 years and nothing has gone to council in recent months Kentucky, Henderson County Massachusetts, Brockton Massachusetts, Fall River Mississippi, Brookhaven Mississippi, Hinds County Mississippi, Tupelo Our Mississippi warrior is keeping a watchful eye on all these cities Missouri, Grain Valley Had mentioned BSL, but nothing has come of it yet Missouri, Memphis Pennsylvania, Erie There has been no further discussion on BSL - it has been Aput aside. Those in the area, please keep a close watch on this! South Dakota, Sioux Falls Private citizen starting initiative to put ban on ballot. However, city officials are satisfied with current ordinance and dont see it getting that far. Tennessee, Nashville Still need to keep an eye on - no scheduled meetings, but in committee now Tennessee, Jamestown
~ Letters to Officials ~ You can find 3 different form letters, from simple to detailed, that can be modified and sent to the above officials at You can also find form letters on the Rott-n-Chatter website. Please voice your polite and respectful opposition to breed specific legislation! Please take action and remember... we are the only voices our dogs have... Jodi Preis Leisa Boysen Bless the Bullys BSL Workshop ____________ _________ _________ ______ The purpose of these updates is to assist in the fight against BSL. Permission to crosspost is granted. Whether you crosspost in whole or in part, we simply ask that you respect the time and effort involved in putting the update together and acknowledge the BSL Workshop and Defending Dog for the same Wishes to all for a very happy holiday and a BSL-free new year!! Jodi Preis Bless the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue & Education Defending Dog ~ Fight Breed Discrimination! Visit us on MySpace Christmas is coming...Visit the Bully Boutique at Cafe Press