The dog ordinance taking effect Jan. 12 bans rottweilers and pit bulls from city limits. It also bans the Washington State Patrol's K-9 Unit comprised of six pit bulls!!!!
Don't even drive through Royal City with a pit bull or a rottweiler inside your vehicle, it will result in a ticket and an impounded dog!!!!
"We're just going to start writing people tickets," Jenks said.
He referenced 12 canine homicides occurring in the past five months involving rottweilers and pit bulls. None were from Royal City. He wants to prevent a canine homicide from happening in the city, he said.
What?....what is this guy talking about?
Drama queen with false "statistics" pulled off from website?
Lord have mercy on the poor folks in this town with this type official creating laws.
(comments are solely mine, Leisa Boysen, and do NOT reflect on Jan Cooper)