The following is from a member of my BSLWorkshop group. Andrea is a dedicated and forward thinking gal who put a considerable amount of time and effort into this project. Please pass on to those who will utilize her hard work. This is a great idea and I am so proud and honored to work along side of her! Leisa
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Andrea wrote: Ok guys, tried to make it a little easier on everyone, I sent this letter to all the AKC clubs holding events in Louisville, KY in March. I have also listed their e-mails again. A few clubs are still snail-mail, sorry! But I think if we can overwhelm them with the importance of moving their shows, as well as let the town know we will not support it, well maybe we can get them to reconsider. With 40+ dog clubs there just in March, we are hitting their pockets pretty hard if we refuse to support these events. Not to mention airline and hotel loss...... I tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone to only take a few minutes to contact all the clubs, here's to ya'll that were there until 4am this morning, I appreciate your hard work. These are all the e-mail addys of clubs holding March events, the dates are listed in the forward as well as club names and e-mails again. Please note those that are followed with (n) had no e-mail, their addresses are below.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;;;;;;;; JIRWIN66@COMCAST.NET;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLUE GRASS BOXER CLUB David Cunningham 183 North Bell Air Avenue Louisville , KY 40206 Boston Terrier Club of Louisville, Inc. Doris Miles, 1306 Myra Ct. , LaGrange , KY 40031 Kentuckiana German Shepherd Dog Club Susan Lawson, 1519 Talmadge Way , Louisville , KY 40216 Also note I took out mention of my involvement with the APBT as these are all AKC clubs. I would suggest the same if your signature implies you are with a non AKC breed. Now to move on to the other breed regisitries that hold events there. As I have said many times before, We will not go quietly into the night....... Andrea Press CapeFear APBTClub ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Those who would sacrifice freedom for temporary security deserves neither. Benjamin Franklin ----- Original Message ----- Sent: 12/21/2006 1:50:42 AM Subject: 2007 Louisville KY Events Attention Following Clubs: This is to inform you I will not be attending your events listed below, nor will I attend or support any of your events for the year 2007, unless all events are moved out of Louisville , KY. I do not feel an organization based on owners of intact animals should support any area that passes legislation requiring mandatory spay/ neuter laws. If they do not want us to own our show dogs in Louisville , then we have no reason to support their community with our patronage or finances. I hope to get your attention and immediate support of this matter. March 13, 2007 American Pomeranian Club, Inc. March 14, 2007 Staffordshire Terrier Club of America Blue Grass Boxer Club, Inc. (N) Great Dane Club of Kentuckiana Boston Terrier Club of Louisville, Inc. (N) Kentuckiana Shetland Sheepdog Club Kentuckiana Tartan Border Collie Club Ohio Valley Yorkshire Terrier Club of March 15, 2007 Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club, Inc. Otterhound Club of America Hoosier State Chinese Shar-Pei Club JIRWIN66@COMCAST.NET American Brussels Griffon Association Ohio Valley Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club March 16, 2007 Louisville Kennel Club, Inc. Kentuckiana Bulldog Club Otterhound Club of America West Highland White Terrier Club of Indiana, Inc. American Belgian Tervuren Club, Inc. Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville Boston Terrier Club of Louisville, Inc. (n) Kentuckiana Shetland Sheepdog Club Hoosier State Chinese Shar-Pei Club JIRWIN66@COMCAST.NET American Eskimo Dog Club of America Kentuckiana German Shepherd Dog Club (n) Derbytown Pekingese Club Kentuckiana Basset Hound Club March 17, 2007 Evansville Kennel Club, Inc. Otterhound Club of America American Eskimo Dog Club of Bedlington Terrier Club of America Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America Kentuckiana Bulldog Club March 18, 2007 Louisville Kennel Club, Inc. dmelear932@aol. com American Fox Terrier Club whstout@earthlink. net Scottish Deerhound Club of America, Inc. tannochbrae1@ Otterhound Club of America dqsdogs@yahoo. com I would also sincerely hope all dog clubs located in Louisville , KY no longer hold events there, nor name their clubs after this town. The laws passed here on December 20th, 2006 are a blatant attempt to take away our rights as responsible pet owners, and this is not something I, nor should your organization( s), support. Thank you, Andrea Press