Notes below from Karen Brinkley.......... ______________________________________________________________________________ The meeting did start out packed, and several LKC members, Responsible Dog Owners of Louisville members, and hunters did stay until the end. The new law includes the following provisions: Pet limits--3 dogs on up to .5 acre; 7 dogs on up to 2 acres and no limit on tracts greater than 2 acres. Revaccination/ relicensing requirement for all dogs/cats removed from a kennel or cattery at any time. Prohibits use of invisible fencing for unaltered dogs. Requires 6 foot fence with one foot underground, 4 foot leash, and microchip for unaltered dogs. Mandates spay/neuter for any unaltered dog that is impounded for any reason before the owner can reclaim the dog. Requires vets to report rabies shot information to Metro Animal Services so that dogs which got a rabies vax but not a license can be impounded. Allows dogs to be impounded for "irritating" or "perturbing" ANYONE. Prohibits ownership of ANY animals by anyone who has two violations within 5 years-no matter how minor. Requires reporting of all litters, including brief description of all puppies. Requires reporting of all sales of all dogs, with buyers name & address to be sent to MAS, even if buyer is not local. Requires dog license # to be published in paper in any advertisement. And so on. This thing is still some 94 pages long, even with all the strikeouts removed. And yes, the LKC is cancelling its January Fun Match, and is taking steps today to secure the Lexington site for the 2008 dog show. ***MY SIDE NOTE...WILL THE DOG FANCY DO THE SAME????
**THIS IS AN URGENT ACTION ALERT** BSL was passed out of committee today. It goes to the full council on Tuesday, December 19th. The meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. in 3rd Floor Chambers at City Hall, 601 W. Jefferson St., Louisville, KY. The ordinance is being offered up as "The Sacrificial Lamb" & a big-time tradeoff is being offered for it's passage. For the details please look over the information at: http://www.louisville-pets.com/whatyoushouldknow.html This Ordinance is supported by HSUS, Alley Cat Advocates, Animal Care Society, Shamrock Foundation & Woodstock Foundation.
This Ordinance is opposed by Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, League of Kentucky Sportsmen, National Association of Animal Control Officers, American Veterinarian Medical Association, Kentucky Veterinarian Medical Association, American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Cat Fanciers, National Animal Interest Alliance, American Dog Owners Alliance, Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs, 116 AKC based Breed Clubs, including Louisville Kennel Club, Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club, Derby City Agility Club, Greater Louisville Training Club, Trouts Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited, Quails Unlimited. Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, multiple breed rescue organizations nation-wide.
"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - we need a large turnout this next Committee meeting (12/11 - 3PM) We will have flyers that will need to be passed out in every district. We need to get the public awake & aware of what's going on. The ordinance is as bad as it can be & our pets are going to be the victims . . . Please attend this important meeting & add your name to the list of pet owners who object to this ordinance. We will have flyers for you to pass out to your friends & neighbors to let them know the problems." contact Karen Brinkley , Louisville Metro Council Contact Information: 1. Leonard Watkins 502-574-1101 leonard.watkins@louisvilleky.gov 2. Barbara Shanklin 502-574-1102 barbara.shanklin@louisvilleky.gov 3. Mary Woolridge 502-574-1103 mary.woolridge@louisvilleky.gov 4. David Tandy 502-574-1104 david.tandy@louisvilleky.gov 5. Cheri Hamilton 502-574-1105 cheri.hamilton@louisvilleky.gov 6. George Unseld 502-574-1106 george.unseld@louisvilleky.gov 7. Ken Fleming 502-574-1107 ken.fleming@louisvilleky.gov 8. Tom Owen 502-574-1108 tom.owen@louisvilleky.gov 9. Tina Ward-Pugh 502-574-1109 tina.ward-pugh@louisvilleky.gov 10. Jim King 502-574-1110 jim.king@louisvilleky.gov 11. Kevin Kramer 502-574-1111 kevin.kramer@louisvilleky.gov 12. Rick Blackwell 502-574-1112 rick.blackwell@louisvilleky.gov 13. Vicki Welch 502-574-1113 vicki.welch@louisvilleky.gov 14. Bob Henderson 502-574-1114 bob.henderson@louisvilleky.gov 15. George Melton 502-574-1115 george.melton@louisvilleky.gov 16. Kelly Downard 502-574-1116 kelly.downard@louisvilleky.gov 17. Glen Stuckel 502-574-1117 glen.stuckel@louisvilleky.gov 18. Julie Raque Adams 502-574-1118 julie.adams@louisvilleky.gov 19. Hal Heiner 502-574-1119 hal.heiner@louisvilleky.gov 20. Stuart Benson 502-574-1120 stuart.benson@louisvilleky.gov 21. Dan Johnson 502-574-1121 dan.johnson@louisvilleky.gov 22. Robin Engel 502-574-1122 robin.engel@louisvilleky.gov 23. James Peden 502-574-1123 james.peden@louisvilleky.gov 24. Madonna Flood 502-574-1124 madonna.flood@louisvilleky.gov 25. Doug Hawkins 502-574-1125 doug.hawkins@louisvilleky.gov 26. Ellen Call 502-574-1126 ellen.call@louisvilleky.gov QUICK EMAIL LIST leonard.watkins@louisvilleky.gov, barbara.shanklin@louisvilleky.gov, mary.woolridge@louisvilleky.gov, david.tandy@louisvilleky.gov, cheri.hamilton@louisvilleky.gov, george.unseld@louisvilleky.gov, ken.fleming@louisvilleky.gov, tom.owen@louisvilleky.gov, tina.ward-pugh@louisvilleky.gov, jim.king@louisvilleky.gov, kevin.kramer@louisvilleky.gov, rick.blackwell@louisvilleky.gov, vicki.welch@louisvilleky.gov, bob.henderson@louisvilleky.gov, george.melton@louisvilleky.gov, kelly.downard@louisvilleky.gov, glen.stuckel@louisvilleky.gov, julie.adams@louisvilleky.gov, hal.heiner@louisvilleky.gov, stuart.benson@louisvilleky.gov, dan.johnson@louisvilleky.gov, robin.engel@louisvilleky.gov, james.peden@louisvilleky.gov, madonna.flood@louisvilleky.gov, doug.hawkins@louisvilleky.gov, ellen.call@louisvilleky.gov *Much of this action alert is paraphrased from correspondance from Karen Brinley and Pam. Thank you to both of you for your hard work and diligence in fighting this complicated issue!