BSL Weekly Updates

~ Thank you, Leisa, for your tireless dedication ~



Remembering Ontario - 1 year anniversary of pit bull ban 


The pit bull ban in Ontario went into effect on August 29, 2005.  
Please take a moment on the 29th to remember and say a prayer for 
the innocent victims of discrimination and hate.   


New Pending BSL...

McComb, Mississippi

Looking to ban pit bulls General info-email and ask that your info be given 
to each Councilmember

Mayor Thomas H. Walman

P.O. Box 667

McComb, MS 39649

Office: (601) 684-4000

Danny Esch Selectman Ward #1

Voting Precinct 1 

National Guard Armory

319 West Street N

McComb, MS 39648

Robert M. MaddoxSelectman Ward #2

Voting Precinct 2A

American Legion Hut

403 Lakeshore Drive

McComb, MS 39648

Voting Precinct 2B 

Pike Baptist Assn. Building

630 Missouri Avenue

McComb, MS 39648

Voting Precinct 2C

Community Parks Building

305 Middleton Avenue

McComb, MS 39648

David W. MyersSelectman Ward 

Voting Precinct 3

Harrell Temple Church

606 Live Oak Street N

McComb, MS 39648


Melvin "Joe" JohnsonSelectman Ward #4

Voting Precinct 4A

McComb Law

Enforcement Complex

501 Beech Street

McComb, MS 39648

Voting Precinct 4B - 

Joe's Tractor Company

615 Presley Blvd. W.

McComb, MS 39648

Warren Ellis GilmoreSelectman Ward #5  

Voting Precinct 5A 

Martin Luther King Center

601 Martin Luther King Dr. 

McComb, MS 39648

Voting Precinct 5B

Alpha Center

414 McComb Street

McComb, MS 39648  

Marvin GodboldSelectman At Large

(City wide - All precincts)



Eden, North Carolina

The Eden City Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m


Mayor - John E. Grogan

Elected in 2005

342 Maplewood Drive, Eden, N.C. 27289

Home  (336) 623-8682


Mayor Pro-Tem

Mr. Wayne Tuggle Sr  

Ward 6

Elected in 2003

303 Taft Street

Eden, N.C. 27288

(336) 627-8022

Mrs. Donna Turner

Ward 1

Elected in 2003

1005 Fields Street

Eden, N.C. 27288

(336) 627-7552

Mr. Bruce Nooe

Ward 2

Elected in 2003

238 Highland Drive

Eden, N.C. 27288

(336) 627-4415

Mrs. Christine H. Myott

Ward 3

Elected in 1993

913 Church Street, Eden, N.C. 27288

(336) 623-8336 

Mr. Jerry Epps

Ward 4

Elected in 2001

516 Victor Street

Eden, NC  27288

(336) 627-0618 

Mr. Darryl Carter

Ward 5

Elected in 2005

334 Sunset Drive

Eden, NC  27288

(336) 623-5809

Mr. C.H. Gover

Ward 7

Elected in 1999

1811 Woodrow Avenue

Eden, N.C. 27288

(336) 635-1715 

The Eden Mayor & City Council 

are assisted by the City Clerk 

and the Deputy City Clerk.



Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada

The council has decided it is time to ban "big dogs" stated by the Mayor in  
recent interview.

City of Mount Pearl

3 Centennial St.

Mount Pearl, NL

A1N 1G4

Telephone: (709) 748-1000 

Fax :(709) 748-1150



City Council  

Grant, Ed Councillor 364-9575  

Kent, Steve Mayor 368-1639  

Lane, Paul Councillor 368-6321  

Tessier, Paula Councillor 747-3933  

Simms,Randy Deputy Mayor 368-7265  

Stoyles, Lucy Councillor 364-1916  

Walsh, John Councillor 364-2344  

Fax Number 748-1150   

We still have the chance to make a difference!

Brandon, Mississippi

Police and other officials are delaying the enforcement of a newly enacted pit 
bull ban while city officials review the ordinance. 
They are looking at other cities' handling of these matters. 
We might have a chance. 

Mayor Carlo Martella 

City of Brandon 

P.O. Box 1539 

Brandon, MS 39043 

Phone: (601) 824-4578 

James L. Morris

Alderman at Large

3155 Louis Wilson Road

Brandon, MS 39042

Phone: (601) 825-4486

Barbara Mangum 

Alderwoman, Ward 1 

808 S. College Street 

Brandon, MS 39042 

Phone: (601) 825-0381 

David "Grumpy" Farmer 

Alderman, Ward 2 

585 Shiloh Road 

Brandon, MS 39042 

Phone: (601) 591-0658 

Tim Coulter 

Alderman, Ward 3 

37 Sunline Ct. 

Brandon, MS 39042 

Phone: (601) 668-9998 

Lu Coker

Alderman, Ward 4

650 Burnham Road

Brandon, MS 39042


Yvonne Bianchi

Alderman, Ward 5

10 Hunters Point

Brandon, MS 39042 

(601) 825-5303

Gene Sirmon

Alderman, Ward 6

132 Richmond Drive

Brandon, MS 39042

Phone: (601) 825-6073

Mark Baker

City Attorney

306 Maxey Drive

Brandon, MS 39151

Phone: (601) 824-7455



North Liberty, Iowa

Next meeting regarding this is the 29th at 7:00. 
There is public forum for residents and “professionals”
Looking at alternatives to BSL (but BSL still on the table)



625 Pebble Court

North Liberty, IA 52317


Council Members: 


15 Hickory St.

North Liberty, IA 52317




1180 Saint Andrews Drive

North Liberty, IA 52317



115 Vixen Lane

North Liberty, IA 52317




35 N Dubuque Street

North Liberty, IA 52317




1572 Deerfield Drive

North Liberty, IA 52317


Fall River, MA 

This was sent back to Committee once again at the last Council meeting.

Looking at alternatives to BSL (but BSL is still on the table)

City Hall

One Government Center

Fall River, MA 02722

Phone: (508) 324-2000

Fax: (508) 324-2211

Fall River City Council City Council President

William Whitty 508-324-2232 

Fall River Mayor 

Edward Lambert 508-324-2600 

Fall River City/Town Manager

James Smith 508-324-2600 

Fall River City/Town Clerk 

Carol Valcourt 508-324-2220 

Olathe, Kansas

Still waiting for an update.

Considering alternatives to BSL (but BSL still on the table)

John Bacon

At Large

Term: 4/03 - 4/07


Bob Montgomery

At Large

Term: 4/01 - 4/09


Marge Vogt

Ward 4

Term: 4/03 - 4/09


Kathleen Huttmann

Ward 3

Term: 4/03 - 4/09


Jim Randall

Ward 2 and Mayor Pro Tem

Term: 4/03 - 4/07


Beverly Wittenborn

Ward 1

Term: 4/03 - 4/07


Mayor Michael Copeland

Term: 4/03 - 4/07


Memphis, Missouri

The Clerk seemed to be evasive on the issue and stated that she didn’t 
think there would be any public input at the next meeting. Anyone in the 
area please keep an eye on this.

BSL being considering - next meeting is September 7, 2006

Memphis City Hall

135 South Main Street, Memphis, MO 63555 

(660) 465-7285 

(660) 465-7342(fax) 

Merriam, Kansas

BSL being considered

Work Session Monday the 28th at 6:00 p.m.  The registered pit bull owners 
in town received letters regarding the meeting and there will be open forum. 
A group called Animal Haven has signed up to speak on the agenda. 
They are looking at several options and this session is for Council 
to discuss only-there can be no vote.

Mayor Carl Wilkes

9416 W. 49th Terrace

Merriam, KS 66203 

(913) 722-1312 

Bryan Burks, Ward 1

Council Vice President

9821 West 50th Terrace

Merriam, KS 66203

(913) 262-6546 

Chad Rowe, Ward 1

4749 Knox

Merriam, KS 66203

(913) 831-0144 

Dan Leap, Ward 2 

5848 Merriam Dr.

Merriam, KS 66203 

(913) 631-5326

John Crabtree, Ward 2 

10113 W. 59th Terrace

Merriam, KS 66204

(913) 789-9028 

Nancy Hupp, Ward 3 

Council President 

10172 Edelweiss Circle

Merriam, KS 66203

(913) 831-4471

Christine Evans Hands, Ward 3 

10206 Edelweiss Circle 

Merriam, KS 66204

(913) 384-5340

Gayle Stephens, Ward 4

8117 W. 61st St. 

Merriam, KS 66204

(913) 789-7958

Shawn McConnell, Ward 4 

8323 W. 61st Street 

Merriam, KS 66204

(913) 384-0764

City Hall

The City of Merriam

9000 W. 62nd Terrace

Merriam, KS 66202-2815

(913) 322-5500 

(913) 322-5505 fax 

Gonzales, LA

Considering BSL

Council will meet this Monday, August 28th at 5:30 on this. 
Info may be sent to

City of Gonzales

120 South Irma Boulevard

Gonzales, Louisiana 70737-3698


Horicon, WI 

Last council meeting was August 22.  Waiting for update on next meeting is 
and where the issue stands.

Doug Plier 

City Attorney


Phone: (920) 485-2495

City Clerk

David Pasewald

(920) 485-3500

Chamber of Commerce

Mayor James Grigg 485-9945 

Council President Steve Neitzel 485-2821 

Legislative Home/Office Phone Numbers 

Alderperson, 3rd District Donald Butler 485-4504 

Alderperson 1st District Richard Marschke 485-2484 

Alderperson, 1st District Jerry Billington 485-2356 

Alderperson 2nd District Steven Neitzel 485-2821 

Alderperson, 3rd District John Forster 485-4387 

Alderperson 2nd District Carl Fausett 485-0566 

James R. Wegner, 

Municipal Judge

Beaver Dam, WI

According to Clerk, they are not looking at BSL.  
Leisa will investigate more thoroughly Monday when 
everyone is in the office.

Mayors Office


Jack Hankes

Phone: 920-887-4600 ext 398 


City Clerk

Gary H. Dummer

Phone: 920-887-4600 ext. 338 

Fax: 887-4605 


City Attorney

Mary Ann Schacht, Esquire

222 South Spring Street

Business (920) 887-4638

Montgomery, Alabama

Work session on this was Monday morning - still waiting for an update.

Physical Address

City Hall 

103 North Perry Street 

Montgomery, Alabama 36104 

Mailing Address 

Post Office Box 1111 

Montgomery, Alabama 36101-1111 

Phone: (334) 241-2000 

Fax: (334) 241-2600


Receptionist/Proclamations Clerk 

Belinda Forte' 

(334) 241-2000 

Executive Secretary to the Mayor 

Katie Cord

(334) 241-2004 

Executive Assistant to the Mayor 

Jeff Downes

(334) 241-2002

Executive Assistant to the Mayor 

Michael Briddell 

(334) 241-2005

Wanda Fox, Executive Secretary 

Assistant to the Mayor 

Felecia Holley-Martin

(334) 241-2427 

Assistant to the Mayor 

Willie Peak 



B: Jinright-Turner Insurance & Bonds, Inc. 

4216 Carmichael Rd. (36106) 

P. O. Box 230308 (36123) 



President Pro Tem 

H: 3143 Patrick Road (36108) 



H: 648 Pimblico Road 36109 

272-2558 Fax: 272-1846


3809 Wares Ferry Road 36109 

B: 271-4228


1412 South Perry Street 36104 

W: 269-0093 


1055 Largo Lane 36116 

H: 280-7899 


P. O. Box 201441 (36120) 

H: 281-7775 


2243 Country Club Drive 36106 

H: 262-0604 


H: 8642 Sturbridge Drive 36116

B: Locke & Associates 

4144 Carmichael Road, Suite 20 (36106) 

272-7400 FAX: 272-6106 

Independence, Missouri

BSL will be voted on this Monday night-the 28th. No public forum.

Office of the City Council

Sheila Saxton Council Aide

Phone: (816)325-7022

Fax: (816)325-7012


Mayor Don Reimal


Home Phone:(816) 461-6044


Councilmember Will Swoffer 


Home Phone:(816) 257-1888


Councilmember Renee Paluka


Home Phone:(816) 478-8641


Councilmember Jim Page


Home Phone:(816) 252-1198


Councilmember Jim Schultz

Council Phone:(816)325-7022



Lees Summit, Missouri

BSL was not addressed at the council meeting this week, but may still be 
on the table.

207 SW Market, Lee's Summit, MO 64063 | Phone: (816)969-1000 

Council (opposes) (doesn't want ban, but might be o.k. with BSL) (he has proposed the legislation)


Abby York

Kansas City Dog Advocates

Oak Grove, Missouri

Cathy-City Clerk – September 5th-open forum at 7:00 Guidelines are: 
you have to be citizen of Oak Grove and must sign up in advance to speak. 
Looking at outright bans, or no new pit bulls or heavy restrictions. 
The board is split on this issue.

City Hall is located at:

1300 S. Broadway Street

Oak Grove, Missouri 64075

Phone: (816) 690-3773 

Fax: (816) 690-8478


Mark Fulks

Alderman - Ward 1

Mary Holzbaur

Hank Melhorn

Alderman - Ward 2

Brad Alexander (Mayor Pro-tem)

Larry Moore

Alderman - Ward 3

Don Myers

Jody Gorham


1300 S. Broadway St. 

Oak Grove, MO 64075 

Phone: 816-690-3773 

Fax: 816-690-8478 

Long, Bryan City Administrator 816-690-3773 ext 1000 

Scott, Judy Deputy City Clerk 816-690-3773 ext 1005 

Smith, Cathy City Clerk 816-690-3773 ext 1004 

Corinth, Kentucky  

The next city council meeting is September 5. 

Mayor Billy Hill

Corinth City Building

215 Thomas Ln

Corinth, KY 41010


City Commissioners

Wanda Colson

Bob McDaniel

Ted Fisk

Kenny Ratcliff


Saltillo, Mississippi

Pit bulls, Rotties, dobes and GSD's declared dangerous. 
This apparently was not publized until law was passed.

Mayors Office

395 Mobile St

Saltillo, MS  38866

(662) 869-5431

Richland, Mississippi passed BSL

Clinton, Mississippi passed BSL but is being challeged.  
There are two separate suits against the city in this regard.  
Clinton city attorney Ken Dreher said he was notified by the 
court late Thursday afternoon that the hearing is postponed 
indefinitely because the judge recused himself.

BSL Grumblings...

New York (Statewide)

Two Syracuse Common Council members want to change state law that 
prevents local governments from banning specific breeds of dogs. 

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Already restricts/regulates pit bull ownership, and on Monday, the council
voted and passed an ordinance that applies the same restrictions to other 
breeds.  Not sure at this time what breeds those are. 

The battle continues...

Louisville, Kentucky is now in its 8th Draft of their proposed ordinance, 
and it STILL includes BSL.  

 Contact your Council Member! 


1 Leonard Watkins  502-574-1101 

2 Barbara Shanklin 502-574-1102 

3 Mary Woolridge* 502-574-1103 

4 David Tandy 502-574-1104 

5 Cheri Hamilton* 502-574-1105 

6 George Unseld 502-574-1106 

7 Ken Fleming 502-574-1107 

8 Tom Owen  502-574-1108 

9 Tina Ward-Pugh  502-574-1109 

10 Jim King* 502-574-1110 

11 Kevin Kramer 502-574-1111 

12 Rick Blackwell 502-574-1112 

13 Vicki Welch  502-574-1113 

14 Bob Henderson 502-574-1114 

15 George Melton 502-574-1115 

16 Kelly Downard 502-574-1116 

17 Glen Stuckel 502-574-1117 

18 Julie Raque Adams 502-574-1118 

19 Hal Heiner 502-574-1119 

20 Stuart Benson 502-574-1120 

21 Dan Johnson* 502-574-1121 

22 Robin Engel 502-574-1122 

23  James Peden 502-574-1123 

24 Madonna Flood 502-574-1124 

25 Doug Hawkins 502-574-1125 

26 Ellen Call 502-574-1126 

* These council members have already indicated to one or more of their 
constituents that they strongly support breed specific legislation. 
They may not realize the immense negative impact of the rest of the 
ordinance on other animals. Please make them aware!" 

Update on Judy


Please continue to keep our beloved friend and faithful BSL warrior, 
Judy Schreiber, in your thoughts and prayers.  Judy was critically 
injured in a car accident on August 14, 2006.  Although she remains in a 
coma and in critical condition, she is making a little more progress 
every single day.  Please keep the healing thoughts flowing for her 
and write to the blog dedicated to her.  All the messages are read 
to her on a daily basis, and I know she can hear us.      

Support the Cause

The American Canine Foundation (ACF) is doing all it can to fight for our 
rights and has recently filed several lawsuits challenging BSL. 
PLEASE donate to and support the ACF. Please do all you can to help 
those fighting for our rights. It takes an incredible amount of money 
to file and defend a lawsuit, and positive outcomes can result in good 
things for everyone around the country. 

American Canine Foundation 23969 NE State Rte 3 Suite G101
Belfair Wa 98528 or paypal at ( 

Letters to Officials

You can find 3 different form letters, from simple to detailed, 
that can be modified and sent to the above officials at  
Please voice your polite and respectful opposition to breed specific 


Please take action and remember... we are the only voices our dogs have...



Jodi Preis

Bless the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue & Education

Defending Dog ~ Fight Breed Discrimination!

ARC Legislative Liaison - Tennessee

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance ~ Socrates 

Prejudice is the child of ignorance ~ William Hazlitt