Thanks to Homer Colby!!!


Wheeling, West Virginia, a city of about 28,800, is located near both the Ohio, and Pennsylvania borders. With Interstate-70 running directly through it, and its beautiful
Victorian Buildings, and famous Parks, its a great place to live, and a tourist destination.
I am a resident of Wheeling. There is NOT a Vicious Dog, "pit bull," or "criminals
using dogs" problem here, but January 3rd we had a twelve page ordinance proposal
introduced and had its first reading at Wheeling City Council meeting.
This ordinance proposal: Article #508: "Dangerous and Vicious Dogs" could possibly pass
Tuesday, January 17, at the next Wheeling City Council Meeting.
The two incidents inciting this proposal was an elderly gentleman falling on our public
walking trail,(over a year ago) and breaking his hip when a loose Rottweiler knocked him
over, (not a bite or attack incident), and the other was when a loose pit bull
in a wealthy neighborhood killed a pet rabbit.
Both were clearly leash law violations, but the owners were not cited.
The Team of West Virginia PetLaw have provided a link to the ordinance,and it appears below, but in short this is an attempt to regulate ALL DOGS of breeds, OR appearance
described in the ordinance proposal as AUTOMATICALLY deemed "Dangerous and Vicious."
Dogs mentioned are Bulldogs, American Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bulls etc,
and MIXES of that appearance, & Presa Canarios.
(I doubt if there is one Presa in the State of WV! )
Keep in mind that once a List of Breeds is established,
it is easy to add more breeds at any time.

Some Requirements include :
Special license, and red tag on collar.
(Tag not displayed results in FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR a day fines.)
Muzzles at all times when not in locked, topped enclosure.
Signage on residence: "Beware of Dog".
Mandatory spay/neuter.
Liability Insurance of at least One Hundred Thousand Dollars.

Wheeling has ONE Animal Control Officer for the entire County.
The City also is struggling to rebuild population, and be friendly to new business, yet
this ordinance will discourage pet owners from moving to Wheeling. Ironically, Wheeling
is known as "The Friendly City"!
** All we are seeking is that all Breed Profiling,and Breed Specific Language be REMOVED
from Article 508, and that this ordinance be targeted as a GENERIC Dangerous Dog Law for Wheeling. **
That serves the public safety, and displays good local government.

Breed Profiling and Breed Specific ordinances are ones that every reader can unite
AGAINST despite personal philosophy in other areas regarding dogs. From the AKC, to the AVMA,
from National Animal Control Association, to HSUS; ALL of these, and many
more, are AGAINST Breed Specific Legislation.
Wheeling City Councils final decision regarding this ordinance will affect not one, but
two counties, as a neighboring county is watching closely!
Emails to the Wheeling CIty Council, The Mayor, Nicholas Sparachane, & the City
Solicitor, are URGENTLY requested to be sent via the City of Wheelings website BEFORE
January 17!! Remember as you write to tell City Council that even if you dont live here,
you might be passing through...and anti-dog cities wont get your tourist or travel dollars!!

(Letter to the local newpapers would help, too. The Wheeling News-Register often runs
good letters. Check their website for requirements. )

The City of Wheeling, West Virginia - Official Web Site

Here is the link to the ordinance proposal:

wheeling ordinance

Please be courteous, and keep your emails from becoming too lengthy. Dont forget to target your subject line to this ordinance.
We Need your help to keep a large part of West Virginia BSL-free. Your time, and
participation IS very important, no matter where you are. Thank You!!
Colby Homer
Owner of West Virginia PetLaw, member NAIA