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    The Chatter Box - miscellaneous stories
    Where's the beef? - complaint corner
    Rott-N-Notes - letters to the editor
    Cheers and Tears - poems
    Breeding and related topics
    Showing and related topics
    Training - tips and ideas
    Working, Herding, and Carting
    Veterinary and Medical topics
    The Doctor's Bag - articles written by Gaea Mitchel DVM
    Rescue stories and dogs needing homes
    Legislatiave Updates and legal matters
    Miscellaneous stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else.
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  • The Chatter Box - miscellaneous stories

    9508a.txt - What Rott "N" Life is Like in Sweden part 1
    9508b.txt - Rott Trot 1995
    9208i1.txt - Intro to the Chatter
    9504b1.txt - To Board or not to Board - insights by Linda Benish
    9301c1.txt - Bad attitudes of people towards Rotts
    9311e1.txt - Chatter Box
    9209c1.txt - Chatter Box - How NOT to use your head
    9208s1.txt - Creation of the Rottweiler
    9210s1.txt - My kind of mailman
    9302c1.txt - Rescued by his Rottweiler
    9212s1.txt - A Rott-N-Christmas Story
    9208c1.txt - Chatter Box - Seizures
    93031.txt - Hearts - California Animal Hall of Fame
    9304e.txt - Safe in a Locked Run??
    9508c.txt - Newspaper "These Days, Best Pal..."
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  • Where's The Beef? - Complaint Corner

    9209b3.txt - Where's the Beef? - Growling does not mean biting
    9508d.txt - Where's the Beef? - Code of Ethics
    9208b1.txt - Where's the Beef? - Limited income
    9210e1.txt - Where's the Beef? - Making your money back
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  • Rott-N-Notes - letters to the editor

    9506n2.txt - Beloved cat clock
    9508a.txt - Rott N Notes - letter from a prisoner
    9209e1.txt - Letters to the Editor - Sept. 92.
    9301n1.txt - Rott N Notes - Jan. 93
    9302n1.txt - Rott N Notes - Feb. 93
    9209e2.txt - Why the Rottweiler is so special.
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  • Cheers and Tears - poems

    9504p1.txt - Heaven's Doggy-door
    9508p.txt - Tears & Cheers - My Rott N Friends
    9211p1.txt - An Outcast in Hell
    9210p1.txt - Prayer of a stray
    9302p1.txt - A Rott Owner's Prayer
    9304d.txt - Poem - The Day The Rottweilers Got Creative
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  • Breeding and related topics

    9302b2.txt - Breeder recommendations from OFA
    9302b1.txt - Did You Know....? Factiod about breeder numbers
    9209b2.txt - Questions to ask of your puppy's breeder
    9508f.txt - Did You Know That...?
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  • Showing and relates topics

    9211s1.txt - Before flying your rottie....
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  • Training tips and ideas

    9208t1.txt - Training Tip - attention
    9210t1.txt - Training Tip - I dare you to take it!
    9504t2.txt - Not Every Trainer is..... - Part II (Tara Lakey)
    9209b1.txt - Training Tip - Not while I'm eating!
    9311t1.txt - Reguarding Training - how to get started
    9301t2.txt - Therapy Dog information
    9506t1.txt - Training Tip - sit
    9209t1.txt - Training Tip - slow crooked sits
    9301t1.txt - Training Tip - stand for exam
    9302t1.txt - Training Tip - training puppy to 'come'
    9304a.txt - The Aggressive Dog
    9304b.txt - Agility
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  • Working, Herding, and Carting

    9208a1.txt - The Art of Carting - Part I
    9210a1.txt - The Art of Carting - Part III
    9311a1.txt - Weight Pulling - Part II
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  • Articles about health and related veterinary topics

    9208v1.txt - Aggression for no reason? Thyroid?
    9508d.txt - What is CPR? NOPE! read on..
    9301w1.txt - AntiFreeze alert
    9308v1.txt - Atrophic Glomerulopathy
    9208f1.txt - Did you know? - canine blood banks
    9311v1.txt - Coprophagia - That's Disgusting!
    9506v1.txt - Cushing's Syndrome
    9504v4.txt - Demodectic Mange
    9504v5.txt - Did you know? Demodectic Mange looks like 'flea bite' dermatitis
    9211v1.txt - Don't be a turkey.
    9504v3.txt - Effects of Gonadectomy in Immature Dogs (spay/neuter)
    9208v7.txt - Flee Flea!
    9504a1.txt - Fertilizer Alert!
    9211v2.txt - Is it epilepsy? it lead posioning?...
    9302v2.txt - Keep your eye on the ball.
    9504v2.txt - Micro-organisims on the loose
    9504q1.txt - Did you know? Parvo factoid
    9301v2.txt - Parvo - blood bank help
    9302v1.txt - Pennyroyal
    9504v1.txt - Prepaid Spay/Neuter study
    9504t1.txt - Rott-N-Teeth care
    9306v1.txt - Roundworms
    9504v6.txt - Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Jell treatment for Hot Spots.
    9301v1.txt - Von Willebrand's Disease
    9210v1.txt - What's so big about the little Thyroid? - Part 1
    9211v3.txt - What's so big about the little Thyroid? - Part II
    9304f.txt - Ticks - Are You Ticked Off Lately?
    9508s.txt - Beware of Diet Cookies! (for humans)
    9508t.txt - DNA Marker..for Canine Hip Dysplasia
    9508a.txt - Onions ARE Toxic Folks!!
    9508r.txt - Is This a bad "PROGRAM" Against Fleas? or a lotta Rott N Hype

  • The Doctor's Bag - articles written by Gaea Mitchel DVM
    9209d1.txt - The Doctor's Bag - Allergic reactions and diet
    9301d1.txt - The Doctor's Bag - Dietary Indescression
    9311d1.txt - The Doctor's Bag - False Pregancy
    9208d1.txt - The Doctor's Bag - fleas
    9210d1.txt - The Doctor's Bag - Parvovirus
    9303.txt -The Doctor's Bag - Canine Hip Dysplasia - part 1 of 2
    9304c.txt - The Doctor's Bag - Canine Hip Dysplasia - part 2 of 2
    9508i.txt - The Doctor's Bag - More on Parvo Titres in Rottweilers

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  • Rescue stories and articles

    9605r1.txt - Alessandra V D Silber Fluss needs a home
    9308r1.txt - Chewbacca's story - part I
    9504r1.txt - Bev Berger - It shouldn't happen to a dog......
    9302r1.txt - The story of Eve
    9504r4.txt - Hats off - Sue Hildebrand
    9208s2.txt - The story of Kaiser.
    9504m1.txt - Murphy strikes the Chatter
    9504r3.txt - The story of Pod - Missing one pink tripod....
    9311r1.txt - Rottie Rehab
    9504r2.txt - Linda Kay Scott - Angels are not only miracle workers....
    9508g.txt - New book on Rescues
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  • Legislative Updates and legal matters

    9210l1.txt - Breed Discrimination
    9302l2.txt - "Dog Pedigree Registration Disclousure" required in California
    9506l2.txt - European breeding restriction/ban - part II
    9301l1.txt - Legislative updates - general Jan 1993
    9302l1.txt - Legislative updates - general Feb 1993.
    9506l1.txt - Legislative updates - general June 1995.
    9209l1.txt - Tale of the Tail - legislative actions against tail docking
    9301l2.txt - Tale of the Tail continued.
    9504l1.txt - You CAN Fight City Hall and Win.
    9506h.txt - Legislative Alert!!!"
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  • Miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else

    9504n1.txt - Animals in Disasters - FEMA broadcast info
    9508v.txt - Little Known Rott N Fact
    9302b3.txt - Book reviews, "Good Owners, Great Dogs"
    9301b1.txt - Book reviews, "The Rottweiler Today"
    9508a.txt - Book Review - Book reviews, The Ultimate Rottweiler
    9209s1.txt - Mail Order Catalog listings
    9504c3.txt - Other contests in progress April 1995.
    9301f1.txt - Rott N Garlic Cookies
    9311f1.txt - Rott-N-Treats! reciepe
    9302s1.txt - Surprise - rott-n-chatter information to appear in rottweiler book
    9209s2.txt - Toys for your Rottweiler
    9504c1.txt - What Is It? Contest
    9506c1.txt - What is it? Winner!
    9504c2.txt - Year of the Rottweiler - Contest
    9504c4.txt - Year of the Rottweiler - winners for April and May
    9508y.txt - Directory of Certified Animal Behaviorists
    9508h.txt - Does Your Dog Need Legal Advice?