How would YOU like to read about YOUR favorite Rottie in a new book that is currently being written? Following is a letter that I wish to share with all of you that have ever Rescued a wonderful Rottweiler.

"Joanne Dickson
311-19 1/2 Ave. North
St. Cloud, MN. 56303

Dear Dog Lover:
Thank you for responding to my inquiry for information on adopting a
"second chance dog."

I have been active in the humane movement since 1979. But it wasn't until I adopted my own second chance dog. Margo, that I really understood what the humane movement was all about. Margo had been abused both physically and emotionally. She was terrified of everyone and everything. As I watched her body and spirit hea, it suddenly dawned on me, that perhaps there were many other dog lovers and owners out there who had never thought of adopting an adult dog. If I could show them how wonderful an adult dog could be, perhaps, less of these wonderful creatures would have to be "put down." Thus was born the idea for the second chance dog book.

Second Chance Dogs is only the working title. More than likely the full title will be Second Chance--Last Chance Dogs. The book will be a collection of stories in the tradition of the James Herriot Dog Stories book. But this book will be told from point of view of the owners. To what end, I am enclosing a questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me, as well as a release form. The release form MUST be signed and returned before your story will be considered.

Once again, thank you for participating in this project. Together we can make this book a tribute and celebration to the wonderful dogs who warm our homes and heart.

Best Wishes,
Joanne Dickson"


1. Your name, address and telephone number.
2. Dog's name.
3. Breed of dog. (ED. NOTE ROTTIE OF COURSE!)
4. Sex of dog; is it spayed or neutered?
5. Age of dog when you adopted it.
6. How did you obtain this dog?
7. How long have you had this dog?
8. Dog's weight.
9. How would you describe your dog's temperament?
10. Does your dog have any special markings or any special physical features?
11. What type of an area do you live in, rural or urban?
12. Do you live in a house or apartment?
13. Does your dog live inside or outside?
14. Did your dog have any adjustments or behavioral problems, if so, how did you handle these problems?
15. Does your dog currently have any phobias or fears?
16. Does your dog have any medical problems?
17. Does your dog have any obedience training, agility training, or any other trype of special training?
18. Has your dog won any awards, or had any other type of recognition or achievement?
19. What activities do you and your dog do together?
20. Does your dog have any special toys?
21. Does you dog get along will with other animal and children, if not, how do you handle this problem?
22. Why did you decide to adopt this dog?
23. What makes this dog so special to you?
24. Please relate one interesting experience that you and your dog have shared, that you feel readers of this book would enjoy reading about.

Please feel free to add any additional comment that you feel may be helpful. If you can, please send a photo of your dog along with teh ansered questionnaire.

Return to:

Joanne Dickson
311 19 1/2 Ave. North
St. Cloud, MN 56303



The undersigned warrants that he/she is of the age of majority or is the parent of legal guardian of a minor involved in a story submitted to SECOND CHANCE DOGS. The undersigned also acknowledges that by submitting a story to SECOND CHANCE DOGS, there is no quarantee that the story will be accepted for publication in SECOND CHANCE DOGS. The undersigned further acknowledges that this is not a contest nor does the undersigned expect any renumeration should his/her story appear in SECOND CHANCE DOGS. The undersigned also agrees that the author and/or publisher of SECOND CHANCE DOGS shall have final editorial authority to any story appearing in SECOND CHANCE DOGS.