Recently a Rottweiler was taken into a local Veterinarian and the dog could or would not put his head down when he was lying down, his head kept bobbing in a peculiar fashion in all sorts of directions.

Anyway, the rest of the physical examination indicated that the dog was normal.

The client told the Veterinarian that the dog had eaten several 'diet' cookies. These were individually wrapped cookies that were quite expensive. The Veterinarian reviewed the ingredients list and found buried in the flour, chocolate chips, etc and a "herbal blend". A call to the cookie manufacturer revealed the herbal blend to contain "ma huang" (sp?) which, is the Chinese herbal medicine equivalent of ephedrine. After 36 hrs the dog was back to normal.

Apparently the Ma Huang is finding its way into alot of diet pills and "legal" stimulant packages lately. It has been reported to be potentially dangerous, as it is said to have the effect of 8-10 cups of coffee in one tablet. It is found in tablet forms with Ginseng, and also in ginseng chewing gum.

Bottom line folks, BE AWARE of what may seem harmless for you because it might be extremely dangerous for a Rott N Family member.
If you have a Rottie like our Mr. Chips, then sooner or later he WILL find a way to check any new goodies in the house.