My Rott N Friends

My friends are always here for me,
their love is vast, it's plain to see.
By the door for me they wait,
in hopes that I won't be so late.

Again, I promised them a walk,
what would they say, if they could talk?
Would they complain for being alone,
or ask why I've been gone so long?

Nevermind, no need to worry,
just give them a big hug in a hurry!
For they're as happy as can be,
and glad to see that it's finally ME!

Their stubs are waggin',
and none are laggin',
when I come through the door,
for they need to wait for me no more!

It feels so good to know I'm missed,
and every muzzle always gets kissed.
My life with them is never dull,
all that we do, makes each day full.

Their loyalty cannot be swayed,
the committment is already made,
to love and protect on another,
this for sure, for there's no other.

The great joy they bring to me,
can always be seen so easily.
No complicated relationship,
just an unequaled mutual friendship.

I'll fight for them,
they'd die for me.
These are my friends,
and they'll always be.

Dedicated to the "gangsters", Bonnie, Clyde & Mugs from their friend as well as their"Mom"-Sue Woolley of Wichita Falls, Texas.