As told by Marc Elmlund

The beginning is a good place to start

Our country is quite small compared to the US. There's about 9 million of us Swedes and about 700,000 Swedish dogs.

Our country is situated rather far to the north and the Climate and the nature resembles the one in Canada (Pine trees and "stuff"). We have a socialdemocratic government and very high taxes. We even have something called a"Dogtax" (approximately $ 50.00 per year). I have no idea what it's for and I suspect that no one else does either.

We have one very good law and that's the "Every Mans Right" law (BTW, sorry for the terrible translation). This law gives everybody the right to roam freely in nature without permission from the Landowner. There are some obligations of course which include, not to disturb wildlife and their offspring, not to break branches from the trees and other plant life, but we are allowed to pick all kinds of mushrooms, berries, nuts, and most flowers. It's "Freedom under Responsibility". This law makes it really easy to walk,train or compete with your dogs in the nature.


It's most common to by your pup from a small breeder. In fact The "Professional Breeders" with a lot of dogs that is common in other countries doesn't even exist here in Sweden.

Almost 100 % of the pups are registered with the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). You get a Pedigree (three generations back but if you contact SKK then you can have as far back as you want up until about 100 years back I think). The pup is always examined by a Veterinarian and almost always tattooed in the left ear have before you pick it up.

The price you have to pay for your pup will probably range between $700 and $1000.

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dog hardly exist here. I only know of one Rescue Center in Sweden and they have very few dogs. Stray dogs don't exist at all. It's not very wise to pursue a career as a Dogcatcher in this country.

Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)

This is the leading dog organization in Sweden and therefore the biggest. This organization registers dogs, arranges Conformation shows and Obedience trials, gives stud information, publishes the largest dog magazine, gives away educational pamphlets concerning different aspects of dog ownership, monitors laws concerning dog trials, gives away awards to Police Dog of the year, Conformation Dog of the year, Breeder of the year, etc.

You have to register your dog with the SKK to be able to do competition at all with your dog in Obedience,Working trials or conformation. Before you register your dog it must be tattooed. The tattoo is really good if the dog gets lost or if somebody want to steal your Rottweiler. You only have to call SKK and give them the number and they can immediately tell you who it belongs to. (CONTINUED NEXT ISSUE)