Occasionally I get letters that I wish to share. Since I have become VERY involved with Rescued Rottweilers across the country, this letter touched my heart deeply. Whenever you see a Rottie at a shelter, please think of the following letter and Duke.

Dear Jan,

Thank you for sending a sample of Rott N Chatter. I'm not sure how to describe how I feel after having read it as it made me smile, chuckle, and cry. Tolstoy and Hemmingway couldn't have done that to me in 12 pages.

Before I go on, I must tell you that I am in prison. I stole from several large companies and am rightfully being punished for my crime. My son, Duke, paid the ultimate price. After I was arrested by the FBI, I was not allowed to contact anyone to save Duke. The police took him to a shelter and the people at the shelter killed him after nobody claimed him.

Duke came into my life as an 8 week old puppy. We spent lots of time together over the years. He loved riding in the car, especially on trips to Carl's Jr's where the girls at the drive-thru always gave him a treat. On the boat he had his own monogramed life-jacket and life-line and smiled bigtime after having barking conversations with his dolphin pals between San Diego and Catalina. Without training, Duke learned to give a little "Ruff, Ruff" when he spotted other airplanes when we went flying. His voice was known to air-traffic controllers from California to Texas. My fondest memory of Duke was something he did as a puppy and never stopped. In the evening when I settled into my recliner Duke would walk to my side and put his hand on my lap, then his other hand, THEN one foot, then the other. He did this very slowly so I wouldn't notice this 80 Rott climbing onto my lap. Once 'aboard', he would rest his huge, beautiful head with its crooked ear, on my knees. When I heard and felt a deep sigh I knew he had fallen asleep. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing I will see him in Heaven some day. Then I can tell him how sorry I am.

The Government has taken everything I owned and will take most of my future earnings so I would like to have a complimentary subscription. I can send a few stamps from time to time.

When I am released in late '97 or early '98, I hope to be adopted by a Rescue Rott.

You are doing a wonderful thing.

(name withheld for reasons obvious)