or a lotta Rott N Hype?

For the conscientious dog breeder there remains the question that studies of Program by Ciba-Geigy showed a reproduction rate as low as 20% less among heavily Program-dosed dogs compared to non-dosed control groups. In addition, puppies were born smaller.

The Florida-based National Animal Health Alliance is planning a feature in an upcoming issue of its Pet Publications magazine tentatively titled "Beware: This Is One "Program" Breeders May Not Want To Join!" After detailing incidences from several concerned breeders that, despite vets' assurances, their dogs had not conceived since taking even recommended dosages. The article begs readers to, "Please, please, spread the word fast and furiously to breeders everywhere. Do not use this drug on breeding animals without asking Ciba-Geigy for long-term reproductive studies results!"