Safe in a locked run??
by Sandra Gilbert (Quincy, IL) That is what Sandra Gilbert of Quincy, Illinois used to think. After reading her story you might change your mind about how safe your Rottweilers are. She relates the following: Karl, my first rescue Rottweiler, was the Cart Pulling Dog for a local Mall Expo; he also spent some time in the Breed Showcase area, along with Todd & Sandi Stephenson's Rottie Pup, Niki. As Secretary of the Quincy Kennel Club, Inc., my name and phone number is rather high profile... appearing on lots of different QKC printed items. A couple visited the table at the Mall, asking lots of questions. When they appeared at my door on the Tuesday after the Expo, I immediately recognized them. They explained that they had traced my phone number and name backwards in the phone book, thereby coming up with my address. He needed STUD SERVICE! His Rottie bitch would be ready to be bred on Thursday (gives new meaning to planned parenthood, doesn't it?!). I asked about OFA, CERF, pedigree, age, etc. Age was the easy answer, the other questions might as well have been in Swahili. Now, I had been nearly ready to leave home and run some errands when these people arrived; but trying to EDUCATE (my big thing!) I stayed and talked with them explaining about "Proper Breeding" and such... Eventually they asked to see my dogs, who were in a locked run behind the garage. We walked back, and Karl took an immediate and intense dislike to the man (And I never, ever question my dog's opinions!). Karl was at the gate growling and barking his "@#$!%&*$, get out of my yard!" type bark. (The couple admired Fred who is a rescued long-coat, with a white neck and chest and full length TAIL!!) I answered a few more questions and they thanked me and left. I went back into the house and did a few things, gathered my stuff for errands and went out the back door. KARL WAS SITTING THERE TOTALLY BEWILDERED! Fred was across the street. I literally dropped everything and called to Karl, he limped toward me. I took him inside and put him in his crate. I found Fred still across the street in a neighbor's yard and secured him back in the run. Now, I have no proof that these people let my dogs out...but, in 26 years I have never had accidentally opened padlocks or loose dogs before! I reported the incident to the Police who were pleasant, helpful and didn't think I was a nut over what almost happened to my 2 'pound' dogs. It now takes both arms inside the run to unlock the new locks. I think they wanted cheap stud service but 2 neutered males were what they almost got. Although neither Fred nor Karl is worth the proverbial plugged nickel to anyone but me; I would have been totally devastated had anything happened to either one of them. Spring brings DOG NAPPERS to many areas; I had always felt relatively SAFE with a locked run.......NO MORE! This incident could have been much worse; thankfully, it ended happily. BUT, A WORD TO THE WISE.......WATCH YOUR DOGS! Watch people who seem overly interested in them! BE SAFE, NOT SORRY!!