ROTT N CHATTER, March 1993, Volume 1 Number 8


That's what it took to become the first Rottweiler to be inducted into the
California Animal Hall of Fame.

Let me back up to July 22, 1983, almost 10 years ago, to one special litter
of puppies born of Champion parents and destined to go into the show
ring...well that is except for one little male. But then again I am getting
ahead of myself. Paula having produced litters before, began tying little
colored ribbons on each new-born puppy as soon as it had been dried off.
With loving and experienced hands she gently grasped the newly born baby and
reached for a different colored ribbon, all of the solid colors were gone by
the time this little guy made his appearance and all that was left was one
ribbon with little pink hearts on it...I think you get the picture. The
little unnamed boy was referred to as "HEARTS" from his very first day of
birth. His official name soon became Summerfield's Ace of Hearts.

Hearts found the life as a conformation show dog utterly degrading even to
the point of peeing on Paula while in the ring. In fact his nickname became
"Willie Lum Lum". Though he went undefeated whenever shown, his show career
was exchanged for one of obedience and working at home on the ranch.

Paula had a lucrative career as an interior designer, but that too was
destined to change. She lost a couple of family members to cancer and then
one of her closest friends was stricken with the disease. When it became
apparent that her dear friend was terminally ill, she asked Paula if she
could see her dog. After Paula saw what joy this canine visit brought to her
friend, she made a promise that she would devote her life to bringing canine
visits to the terminally ill, especially cancer patients. Paula too made a
career change for after her friend's passing, Paula did not forget and set
out to fulfill that promise. I will skip a lot here, but the results of this
very dedicated lady and her loving Rottweiler "HEARTS" speak for themselves.

As I write this, Paula and 62 other active canines and owners have
officially become "OUR BEST FRIENDS" Therapy Dogs Inc. and they have just
received their not-for-profit status on March 15,1993. Paula and HEARTS
visit hospitals every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There are so very
many stories I could share with you about this wonderful partnership however
it would take a book to tell it all. I will let some of the clippings on the
next two pages (1) (2)  give you just a taste of the exciting things that one very
special ROTTWEILER has done and is still doing at the ripe old age of 9+
years. At the end of March HEARTS has a special luncheon with Rear Admiral
James Richter and has also been selected as one of the judges at a
prestigious fashion show. Other than being very proud yet humbled by all of
this, Paula's secret wish is that HEARTS had his own 'press' secretary to
aid coordinating all of his personal appearances.

Anyone interested in further information about Our Best Friends Therapy Dogs
Inc., may write to P.O. Box 2346, Spring Valley, California 91979 or call
Paula at (619) 445-8309. It is hard for Paula's current budget to endure
returning long distant calls, but you can usually catch her early morning
PST. She would love to hear from you.