Exclusively made available by jan cooper and on a limited basis only!

This candle contains no scent, color or additives of any kind and includes an all cotton wick. It burns smoke free and has actually been burned by asthmatics. A limited number of these candles were made available at an ARC National a few years ago and now I am having a limited number produced once again. Each candle arrives in a beautiful little black box, ready to give to that special Rottweiler friend that has everything, or add to your own Rottweiler collection. Also included is a little booklet containing a brief history of this remarkable breed. The photos below do not capture the finite detail in this candle...each whisker mark, and the expression captured in the original sculpture. Each candle is carefully inspected by a Master Candle Maker of custom candles.
Candles will be made on a limited basis only and then there will be no more!
photo of candle
photo of candle
photo of candle
The candle is approximately 3" X 3" in height and width.
photo of booklet
photo of booklet
$40.00 includes S/H via Priority Mail You may order via cash, check, MO to
jan cooper
10172 Gilbert St
Anaheim, CA., 92804
PayPal to jan4rott@rott-n-chatter.com

If you purchased one of these candles in the past, please let me know your comments so that I may share them.