STATE OF _________

                              A Resolution

Submitted by _______________

A resolution endorsing and recognizing the 3rd week of September beginning
in the year 2006 as Responsible Dog Owners week.

     WHEREAS, knowing that dogs have and will always be an intregal part of
citizens of the State of ___________and

     WHEREAS, it is recognized that many citizens of this State may not
know and understand the responsibility of dog ownership, and

     WHEREAS, responsible dog ownership is encouraged in this state and
responsible owners should properly confine and provide adequate training
for their dogs, and

     WHEREAS, programs should be made available to the all dog owners so
that they may become responsible owners, and

     WHEREAS, dogs owned by responsible owners should be able to exhibit
proper behavior while in the presence of other people and animals in both
the home and in the community, and

     WHEREAS, with the population of dogs growing rapidly each year and
dogs at large being a constant problem, there is a need to bring
recognition to and encourage responsible dog ownership, 


Be it Resolved by the _(senate or house)__ of the State of _______________:

     That the Legislature of the State of _________hereby declares that
the  3rd week during the month September beginning in the year 2006 and
each successive year thereafter be Responsible Dog Owners Week.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature of the State of _________
encourages dog clubs, humane organizations, communities and citizens to
promote responsible dog ownership during this so declared week by means of
various public educational activities.