Ann's involvement in purebred dogs started in the early 1950's showing her parents Irish Setters in Junior Showmanship. From there she progressed to the breed ring, finishing several champions.

Many folks are surprised to learn that she has never owned a Rottweiler! Her deep involvement in the breed began in early 1966 when Dorothea Gruenerwald asked her to give a second opinion of her litter. Dorothea subsequently asked Ann to show the puppy's mother, Lorelei. Lori finished in 6 shows with one 3-point major and two 5-point majors (one at Oakland KC, the second at the Chicago International). Ann became quite involved with the American Rottweiler Club - producing the first three Pictorials and co-editing the ARK for 7 years. She is also honorary Life Member.

Through the years, many breeders have asked Ann to evaluate their litters. She had developed an evaluation sheet with the Lorelei litter, but has refined it over the years to the one she now uses. She have traveled from coast to coast to evaluate litters. In some instances she has now evaluated third and fourth generations!

Ann has attended many of the ARC Nationals, along with many local Specialties throughout the country. As anyone that knows her can attest, she likes to park herself at ringside and observe from the first dog in the ring, to the last!

Having judged several sweepstakes classes, Ann says that the highlight of her assignments was judging the ARC National Sweepstakes (Veteran Dogs, Puppy Bitches and Best in Puppy Sweeps) in 2004.

Ann owns one dog at present, a three year old English Cocker Spaniel named "Charles". He has been her companion for almost a year now, and after working out a few problems, (mainly shyness), they are now venturing into the breed ring.

On June 7th, 2011, Ms. Ann Maurer is going to explain what she is looking for when she is evaluating puppies and litters. The puppies in the photographs are 7 - 9 weeks or age.

They have been submitted by various breeders from the USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA for this program.

(Please note that some of the photos have obviously been taken at the bottom of the age mentioned and others may have been taken at the top of age mentioned and we all know that Rottweiler puppies develop and change each day.)